Terms and Conditions


All clients, regardless of which booking they make, must complete a Client Enrolment Form prior to starting any class. Depending on the answers given on the form, it may be necessary to seek permission from your GP or Health Professional before continuing or I may need to contact them myself. You may also be required to complete a private session first so that Posture and Movement patterns can be assessed to determine which type of class is appropriate for you.


All participants must be mobile enough to get themselves down onto a mat and back up again without assistance.

Classes are 1 hour long and start promptly. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class so as not to miss the warm up. Any person that arrives more than 15 minutes late to a class will not be permitted to participate.

It is not advisable to eat a heavy meal before a class and please do not attend class if you are feeling ill, overly fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or drugs..

Please wear comfortable clothing to allow for freedom of movement such as tracksuit bottoms, leggings or shorts and a t-shirt. Preferably not too excessively baggy so posture and alignment can be observed.

Please ensure you notify me before the class of any change in health, including blood pressure, injury or illness and pregnancy. It may be very important.


Group classes are purchased and scheduled on a termly basis, meaning that you book a particular class for the duration of the term (usually 5-7 weeks at a time).

Payment is due prior to the start of the course and once paid your space will be reserved. Course fees are non-refundable.

Payment via bank transfer or Paypal is preferred; however cash or cheque will be accepted where this is not possible.

Once the end date for payment has passed, spaces not reserved will be offered to any persons on the waiting list and then the general public.

I reserve the right to release the space to another client if I do not have payment as agreed.

A ‘catch up’ system is operated, which means if you cannot for any reason make your usual class, I will try where possible to arrange for you to attend another class that week.

A catch up class is not guaranteed and the system can only work successfully if you inform me that you cannot attend as early as possible, ideally more than two hours prior to the start of the class, so that your space can be offered as a ‘catch up’ to someone else.

If no notice is given, a catch up class will not be available unless there are exceptional circumstances.

All catch up classes must be taken within the same term and cannot be taken over to a new term unless specifically agreed by me.

Catch up classes are offered on a first come, first served basis and subject to availability of spaces within each class. (The maximum number of participants for each class is 12).

Catch-up classes must be on a like for like basis; a group class cannot be exchanged for a private class.

Trial classes can be arranged for new starters prior to booking a block and payment can be pro-rata if you join a class mid-term.

I reserve the right to cancel a class should the need arise. I will try to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice of this. It is very rare that this occurs, and on these rare occasions I will offer you a catch up within the block if space allows and if not then I will deduct a class fee from the next term.


By taking part in an online Pilates class, you fully understand that your teacher is not able to offer any personal correction; you agree to take responsibility for your own body; you agree not to perform any exercises or movements that may cause you discomfort; and you confirm that you are fit and able to join the class. You must ensure that you are working in a safe environment and that you are able to clearly see and/or hear your teacher in order to follow instructions.

It is your responsibility to let the teacher know before the class if anything affects your ability to exercise that day. By joining the class you automatically agree to waive all statutory rights against your teacher.


All private classes are an hour in duration. Should it be necessary to cancel please allow at least 48 hours notice otherwise the private lesson will be payable in full.

With notice, a private session can be rescheduled, ideally within the same week, but if not within the 4 week block.

Sessions are 1 hour long and start promptly. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your session. Please ensure you notify me before the class of any change in health, including

blood pressure, injury or illness and pregnancy. It may be very important.

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